What initially made you want to play at Fairfield?

Rose: When I came for my visit, being around Coach Johnson and the whole coaching staff. I just felt like I could learn a lot from him on and off the court. He’s a great man. He’s taught me a lot already.

Chappell: The coaching staff. Coach Johnson is a great guy and thankfully, it’s a good school.


What first got you interested in basketball?

Rose: My father played basketball, so I started playing when I was like three years old.

Chappell: My dad. He played basketball all his life, so I guess I got the basketball genes.


Are your teammates serious or are there a lot of jokesters?

Rose: There’s a lot of jokesters, we like to have fun. We’re a lot like dancers and everybody loves to joke on each other. We’re a family and we love each other.

Chappell: We’re serious when it counts and we do joke around at times.


What are you looking forward to for the rest of this season?

Rose: Winning the conference tournament, going to the National Collegiate Athletic Association [Tournament], and shocking the world.

Chappell: Getting to the tournament.


Do you have a favorite basketball team/player?

Rose: I would say Tyreke Evans is my favorite NBA player, and team would be the Pelicans.

Chappell: Favorite team would be the Wizards. Favorite player is Kobe Bryant. He plays hard, he knows what he’s doing, he’s a vet, he’s a leader and hard worker.


What are your thoughts on the exhibition game?

Rose: I think we played very well. A big problem we had last year was that we’d never make a comeback, so we worked on that and got really good at it. We played to our strengths and were able to close the game.

Chappell: We played well. We actually created on offense. We have to get better on the defensive end, but that will come. We have a lot of new guys and they played well.


What are your goals for this season?

Rose: Our realistic goal is that we want to beat everybody, we want to shock everybody. We want to go to the NCAA [Tournament] and get payback for last year.

Chappell: Win the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Championship.


How do you feel your game has improved from last year?

Rose: I think Johnson hit my head basically on working on my free throws, my handle, learning the offense more, keeping everybody on track, and stuff like that.

Chappell: My ball handling has gotten better. I’m starting to get the principles of the team, it’s a working process.


What has been your best basketball moment so far?

Rose: Right now is the best basketball moment. Starting now, we’re playing as a family. Last year was rough, but we’re making a comeback.

Chappell: Committing, just committing.

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