What is your favorite part about the field hockey team?

Burgoyne: The girls on the team and the upperclassmen. They’ve taken us in like sisters and everything. So, everyone on the team, in general.

Gallagher: I like all the girls and we’re all like a family.


Thoughts on Coach Kane getting inducted into the Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame?

Burgoyne: She’s worked really hard. She’s been here for a really long time and I think it’s really good for her.

Gallagher: I think she deserves it. She’s a great coach.


What are you most excited for this season?

Burgoyne: We started off a little slow, but we had two wins this past week, so I guess just coming back stronger and learning from our mistakes from earlier in the season and trying to do better.

Gallagher: I want to make it to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament and win the America East.


What got you interested in the sport of field hockey?

Burgoyne: My older sister played so I played, too.

Gallagher: Well, I really hated soccer so my friend just told me to join and I ended up really liking it.


What about school? What are you looking to do with your life?

Burgoyne: I’m a film and media major and I’m trying to maybe do something with education, too. Maybe producing in the future or something with that major.

Gallagher: I want to declare a business major and maybe be an accountant.


What’s your favorite professional sport and who’s your favorite player?

Burgoyne: Baseball and Chase Utley from the Phillies.

Gallagher: The Jets and my favorite player is in basketball, LeBron James.


Have you ever had any real field hockey related injuries?

Burgoyne: Yeah. I broke my wrist once and my thumb two or three times. Just little injuries here and there, but nothing too serious I guess.

Gallagher: I stress fractured my femur in the preseason. I was out for the whole preseason, like two months.


Looking forward to anything this school year?

Burgoyne: Just taking more film classes and core classes in general and meeting new people.

Gallagher: Just making lots of new friends and having a good time.

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