In the American League, the Baltimore Orioles have already secured the AL East and are fighting against the Los Angeles Angels for the top spot in the league.

In the AL Central, the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals have been in a heated battle throughout the second half of the season, one which I predict the Tigers will win and clinch their division. Luckily for the Royals, I see them making the playoffs for the first time in decades with one of the two wild-card spots.

In the AL West, the Angels have been running away with the division while the Oakland Athletics have depleted somewhat after a barrage of trades at the trade deadline. Though the Athletics are out of contention for the division, this team is built for the postseason and will make a good run as the other wild-card team, in my opinion.

Now, in the National League, the races are similarly tight between divisions, with the NL East being the only exception. The Washington Nationals have been phenomenal all season long and have rocketed past division rivals.

In the NL Central, it gets a lot trickier. While the St. Louis Cardinals are currently leading the division, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers are just a few games behind coming down the stretch. I predict that the Cardinals take the division based on their strong performances year in and year out, and the Pirates will make the postseason for the second season in a row as a wild-card team. Sorry, Brewers fans.

In the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers are playing well and should secure the division. However, I predict that the San Francisco Giants, who trail closely, will miss the division crown and be the other wild-card team.

Now, once the postseason commences, I predict that the Angels and Orioles will do well enough to advance to the American League Championship Series. As for the National League, I think that the Dodgers and Cardinals will also make it to their respective championship series.

As far as the World Series goes, I am predicting that the Angels and Dodgers will be the participants. And, after a seven-game series is played out, the Angels will emerge victorious and Mike Trout will have everything on his résumé needed to go into Cooperstown before he even turns 25.


In the American League, the Athletics have not had a smooth ride to the postseason. Since the All-Star break, they have gone just 32-37. I believe they will turn it around, and become a dangerous playoff team.

The Angels, led by young superstar Trout, cruised into the playoffs with ease. I think that they have a shot to be a real force, making them a team that nobody wants to play against.

The Orioles may have had the easiest time of all this year, blowing through the weak AL East with ease. I think that they will continue to roll along and advance deep into the playoffs.

The Tigers also made a big trade at the trade deadline, acquiring pitcher David Price from the Tampa Bay Rays. They are primed for a deep postseason run.

The Seattle Mariners are my final AL pick. Buoyed by the acquisition of Robinson Cano, the Mariners have been the surprise of the league.

The National League is equally full of great talent, led by the Nationals, who have been smashing through the NL East with relative ease. They will have no trouble advancing far into the postseason.

The Pirates are another team that has developed well recently. Led by the strong play of Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates will be a World Series contender this year.

The Cardinals will need to rely on strong pitching to get by this postseason, and All-Star pitcher Adam Wainwright, who just earned his 20th win of the season, will lead the charge for the Birds.

The Dodgers will hope to capitalize and win their first World Series since 1988, and legitimize the big trade with the Red Sox from two years ago and win it all.

The Giants will rely on the skills of catcher Buster Posey to make a splash in the playoffs. As long as he is in the lineup, they are a team to be avoided at all costs.

I think that the World Series will come down to a matchup between the Pirates and Orioles, with the Orioles ultimately taking the series and championship.

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