What do you enjoy most about being on the soccer team?

Ayris: Winning games is what we’re here to do so that’s fun. Aside from that, being around all the boys at training and building camaraderie is very good.

Zuniga: Playing night games on Lessing. I remember winning a bunch of games here in overtime freshman year and it was the best feeling in the world.


Do you have a favorite soccer moment in your time here at Fairfield?

Ayris: Winning the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference my freshman year. It was a while back so I’d like to have another one this year.

Zuniga: Probably winning the MAAC Championship. After we won the game, it was surreal to actually be there and everything. Getting the medals that day was unbelievable.


How does the team look so far this season?

Ayris: We’re looking good, I think. It’s the best first performance of the season I’ve seen since I’ve been here, in my opinion. We’ve got a lot more depth than we have had which will help us.

Zuniga: We started out strong. Getting a good win against Army was a big thing for us. We look like a very tight-knit group. I feel like our biggest strength is playing well together.


Does everyone on the team get along well?

Ayris: There’s one or two pranksters, but we are a good mix. We know when we need to be more focused and other times we can have a laugh, so that’s when the pranksters come out.

Zuniga: We’re with each other 24/7. Our preseason just ended so we were with each other anyway, but even after school started, we’re still together all the time.


As seniors, what are you looking forward to this season?

Ayris: Just being around the team and that feeling of playing games. It’s a great feeling going out and representing the university. It’ll be the biggest thing I miss after the season.

Zuniga: Right now, I just want to win the MAAC. My focus right now is playing soccer here and it should be a fun year.


Do you have a favorite professional soccer team/player?

Ayris: I’m a Chelsea fan and Frank Lampard fan. He’s just a model pro football player and I’ve been a Chelsea fan since I was young and haven’t had much of a choice growing up. My whole family is made of Chelsea fans.

Zuniga: My favorite player is Ricardo Kaka from Brazil. He’s probably been my favorite player from when I was a little kid. As for my favorite team, it’s Real Madrid. I’ve been watching them since I was born, basically.


Do you think the team is MAAC Championship worthy?

Ayris: I think it’s a bit soon to say definitely, but that’s what we’re aiming for. It’s definitely the target.

Zuniga: I think we’re looking pretty good. As much as we have some really good players on the team, I think that our biggest strength is how much we put in work as a team.

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