QNow in your second year at Fairfield, what makes this place so special for you academically and athletically?

Campos: Academically, Fairfield has helped me find out what major I want to be. Taking the core classes helped me decide that I want to be a psychology major. Athletically, I love my team and how they push me every day to play the best tennis that I can.

Q: It was a rough year for the team and you individually last season; what did you learn from last year’s struggles?

Campos: Last year there were a lot of problems. We had a lot of injuries and other people just wanted to do their own thing, so we had a small team. I learned that we really needed to push through the adversity and it was worth it because this year we have a huge team and the season will go way better.

Q: It is still only September and the season has just started, so how does it feel to already have a win under your belt in 2016?

Campos: It feels great. We are going to be much stronger this year and we’ll have a great chance going into MAAC’s, so I am definitely excited about that.

Q: You have been at your best playing doubles; what about playing with a partner enables you to play your strongest?

Campos: Last year we really did not have set doubles teams, so we all played with each other, which was a good thing because we learned how one another played and what we like and do not like about our games. This year, I played with [Shelby Vertula ‘20] in the first tournament and we really connected on the court to give us a great win.

Q: There are four new freshmen on the team this year; how are you helping them adjust to the college game and transition to college life?

Campos: Four new freshmen seems like a lot for tennis at least, but they are all great with different personalities and just really nice people. We do team dinners and tell them to text us anytime if they have any questions because our door is always open for them.

Q: There is a good crop of talent on this year’s team; what are your team and individual expectations for this fall and spring?

Campos: My individual expectations are to win more matches and same goes for the team as a whole. I can already tell that our team chemistry is fantastic, so I think we will do really well this year and I am excited for that.

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