Sophomore shooting guard Tyler Nelson is one of the leading contributors on this year’s revamped basketball team. The long-range sniper is currently averaging nearly 16 points per game to go along with over three boards and three assists per contest. Read on to get to know one of the best players in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.

DM and KG – What made you choose to come to Fairfield?

TN – The combination of academics and basketball. They have a great business school which I was looking for, and the coaches and teammates made me feel right at home.


DM and KG – What has been your most funny moment in a game during your college career?

TN – Probably freshman year at Quinnipiac when Marcus Gilbert hit a crazy buzzer beater and all of us on the bench went nuts. He pulled up from really deep and it somehow went in.


DM and KG – Which NBA player would you say you model your game after?

TN – I’m not sure really, but my favorite NBA player is Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz who I have a really good relationship with. My dad used to scout for the Jazz, so I have seen him play a lot over the years. We do have different games, but I watch him the most.


DM and KG – Much has been mentioned about the chemistry of this year’s squad; can you speak on how that has led to the revival of Fairfield basketball?

TN – Last year, we had a tough time winning close games, but this year we have made that next step and we are winning games that have been close down the stretch. That has a lot to do with chemistry and really playing well with each other.


DM and KG – How has the new style of play changed the program’s culture?

TN – It’s way more fun playing at a fast pace getting up and down the court and running more. People like to watch it and we like playing that way.


DM and KG – What has it been like playing with fellow Massachusetts native Curtis Cobb?

TN – I have known Curtis since I was in sixth or seventh grade, so we have a good relationship and we have been playing with each other for a long time so it’s been really fun playing with him now in college.


DM and KG – In one word, what would you say makes this team so special in your opinion?

TN – I would say the word is fun. It’s really fun playing with these guys and everyday it’s awesome just coming in and going after it. I feel like we can beat anybody and we are strong team this year, so it’s just fun every time we step on the court.


DM and KG – How have the upperclassmen, even you as a sophomore, helped the freshman adjust to the college game?

TN – The college game is so much different from high school. You were probably the best player on your team, taking any shot you wanted, but college is different. You have to play within a system and pick it up defensively. Everything is team-oriented.


DM and KG – Last question: Who is the Stags’ best dancer?

TN – Best dancer on the team. Hmm. Maybe Tommy Nolan, maybe Jared Harper. After practice, we put the music on and kind of goof around so everyone just starts dancing.


It was great to hear from Nelson and gather more about the season so far and how this year’s Stags are bringing back the winning ways Fairfield basketball is accustomed to. You can see Nelson and the rest of the Stags begin their run toward March as they take on Quinnipiac this Saturday, Feb. 13 at 2:00 p.m. on SportsNet New York.


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