The 2020-21 athletic season was one filled with many trials and tribulations for Fairfield University, with the unfortunate spread of COVID-19, there were cancellations and abrupt schedule changes for many teams.

Like much of the nation, athletes and coaches had to manage playing or coaching college sports, while also dealing with a global pandemic. Rules and regulations were put in place, lockdown and game cancellations occurred; to say this was an unordinary year would be an understatement. 

But, after a long and painful wait, Stags are finally back in action with fans allowed in the crowd. This will be a terrific feeling for the players, as they have been playing in empty stadiums and fields for the past year, missing the atmosphere the fans create. 

Not only are the players excited for Stags to be back in the seats, but so is deputy director of athletics Zach Dayton. He describes how important having fans back in the crowd is to him. 

“Fairfield University is about community, to have fans back and games really compliments that idea of community,” said Dayton. “We want to do our best to make sure that everybody has a great time at our games.” 

To have a great time at the games, fans will have to follow the rules and policies when attending games both on campus and at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Conn.. This will ensure the safety of players and crowds at the games. 

Dayton clarified these said rules and policies, which are quite simple and standard so far. “For outdoor sports, there are no restrictions. For indoor sports, currently volleyball, you are required to wear a mask,” said Dayton. 

So far, this plan has been executed perfectly and the athletic department has received no problems or outbreaks from either fans or players. Dayton and the rest of his staff are extremely excited for the upcoming season of sports, and you should be too.

Stags are back in the crowd and the teams need our support. 

You can download the “Super Stag App”on your mobile phone, which allows students to earn points for attending Fairfield University athletic events.

Points can be redeemed for prizes throughout the school year, including discount coupons and gift cards to local businesses and Fairfield Stags branded apparel. Fairfield students must present a valid StagCard at time of redemption. 

Tickets themselves can be obtained through Fairfield’s official ticketing website, where students can get free tickets for any game they choose.

Games for fall sports are held at University Field, Lessing Field and the Rec Plex. There, students can watch entertaining field hockey games, soccer matches and volleyball games respectively, while also showing their school spirit. 

It is going to be a great year for athletics here at Fairfield University. You don’t want to miss out on the action, so go show support to your fellow stags. 

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