What is it like to be named the CAA Rookie of the Week for the third time this season?

– It’s a big honor; I have to give a ton of credit to all my teammates around me. All five of the offensive players around me are just putting me in the right places to score and get assists and get points.

What has allowed you to lead Fairfield with 26 goals so far this season?

– My teammates have put me in the right spot. I am a freshman, so I’m kind of sitting in the back of the train, if you want to say, and TJ Neubauer and Charlie Schnider are leading the way. Especially Charlie Schnider giving me the ball at the right time and I think I’m just finishing

What were your initial expectations coming into Fairfield as a freshman?

– I was a little nervous, expectation wise, and I was hoping to play even though I didn’t know if I was going to. In the fall I was in the fourth attack spot and then I secured that second to third attack spot. I was just expecting us to be a good CAA competitor like last year. They won the CAA regular season title and with the CAA games coming up this year I think it’s going to be a dogfight, but we’re going to get into it and do well.

How have the upperclassmen on the team taken you under their wing as the only freshman starter on the team?

– TJ Neubauer started as a freshman here at Fairfield and he tells me if I’m overthinking something and will come over and put his arm around me and say to calm down and that I am playing fine and to get into my mojo and keep going. I think TJ has been a great help this year.

Which professional lacrosse player do you model your game after?

– I would have to say Steele Stanwick. I’ve been watching him and his brothers play since I was little and I think the way they see the field and the way they know how to dissect the defense is why I try to model my game after theirs. They are definitely my role models.

How did playing hockey in high school help you as a lacrosse player?

– Definitely the speed of the game and the overall physicality. When you play hockey you need to have that sense and physicality.

What is your number one goal you want to accomplish in your four years at Fairfield?

– To win a CAA championship first of all and hopefully win a national championship. I came here to definitely win a CAA, but I don’t think past the fact that we could be a national championship team in the next four years.

You guys started the season a little slow, what do you have to do to finish the year off on the right track?

– We just have to stay focused. I think we’ve been a little rattled with the fact that we are such a young team and I think we’re starting to calm down now and play Fairfield lacrosse. It’s going to be a dogfight against the other CAA teams, but I think we’re going to do well.

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