Introducing the tallest man on campus, the Stags center Ryan Olander ’12. Olander played his high school basketball at E.O Smith High School in Storrs, Conn. , right in the heart of Uconn country. The captain leads the Stags in rebounding averaging 7.3 caroms per contest while also averaging an even 10 points per game this season. Lets meet the Big O.

The Mirror: To a bystander, how would you describe your team on the court?

Ryan Olander: Balanced; we have a lot of weapons that work well together on the floor.

Anyone could go off any night.

TM: To a bystander, how would you describe your team off the court?

RO: Family.

TM: What do you have to do to beat Iona and Rider this weekend?

RO: We have to focus on details in our preparation and come ready to play.

TM: Who is the funniest member of your team? Why?

RO: I don’t know if I could pick just one, when we’re all together it’s pretty funny.

TM: Who is the best singer on your team?

RO: No one can sing!

TM: What are your ultimate goals for yourself as a basketball player?

RO: To win MAAC championships and be able to play after college.

TM: What do you have to do to win the MAAC this year?

RO: Come to play hard every day in practice and for games.

TM:  What is your favorite memory with Coach Cooley?

RO: When I called him to commit to Fairfield.

TM: What is your pregame ritual?

RO: Take a short nap.

TM: What is your favorite food?

RO: Pizza probably, but I’ll eat almost anything.

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