I. Have you taken up new hobbies or rekindled any old ones with all this free time at home?

Julia: I have been reading a lot more and recently renewed my subscription to The New York Times! It’s nice to get back into reading every single day rather than relying on live broadcasted news so much.

Catherine: I have been playing a very large amount of Sudoku recently! I love puzzle type games like that, and I usually play it at school to keep my brain working when I’m not doing homework. It really does help pass the time and keep me sharp!

Sheila: I have been getting back into running outside! I used to run around campus my first year at Fairfield, but kind of fell out of it this year. Big shoutout to my twin, Casey for forcing me to go everyday! 

Colleen: I have always loved to color in those pattern coloring books as a way to relieve stress and take a mental break. But, with some more free time now I have started painting again, which I find even more calming than coloring. A couple of times a week I paint with some of my friends over Zoom so it’s both social and relaxing!

II. Which sports team are you most excited to see back in action?

Julia: Obviously the New York Rangers, but as much as I love hockey, we should be entering the baseball season, so I can’t wait for the Yankees to hit the field.

Catherine: BOSTON BRUINSSSSS…I was picturing an amazing playoff run this season. I miss hockey:( 

Sheila: It’s April, it’s warm outside, and this means it is baseball season folks!! I can’t wait to have my New York Mets home again and am holding out hope for a delayed season opener at Citi Field! LGM!

Colleen: Definitely the New York Rangers–although not seeing my man Brady Skjei in a Rangers jersey is sad 🙁 

III. Do you think that students should have the right to choose whether or not the Pass/Fail grading system is implemented in their classes?

Julia: Without a doubt! As of right now my GPA has been warped, as only three of my classes will be factored into a 4.0 scale. This makes it an inaccurate reflection of my academic success, and the university should implement an all-or-nothing policy.

Catherine: Yes I absolutely think so! This system can have a serious impact on a student’s academic career, especially if they were working really hard in a class in order to get a good grade to boost up their GPA but then it becomes pass/fail and it no longer gets factored into their GPA. 

Sheila: This choice is so personal that I think the only way to do it is to let the students choose themselves. Everyone is the best judge of their own abilities to get work done!

Colleen: 100 percent! I understand the reasons why students would choose to have some classes count as pass/fail, but I also understand wanting your hard work to be reflected in your GPA. Everyone has a different opinion on this, so allowing students control over how this all affects them would be helpful. 

IV. Shout out a special Stag and let them know you’re thinking of them during your time away from campus! 

Julia: Caroline Kavanagh you make my days brighter! I miss seeing you every single day and I can’t wait for more Mezz time in the fall!!

Catherine: Joanna Mastropaolo…I miss our long convos in the kitchen where we would just spill our guts about anything and everything that was going on. Luckily we will be right back in those kitchens next year for even more ranting sessions!

Sheila: Lauren Gasek, I already professed my love for you in the Ed board column this week but god I just miss you so much! Can’t wait to spend almost every hour together again soon.

Colleen: Jillian Casey, my days are a lot less entertaining without having you around!! I miss weekly milk and cookies and you laughing as you procrastinate on everything by making TikToks!

V. If you could be stuck in quarantine with anyone in the whole world who would it be?

Julia: Taylor Swift. I don’t think I even need an explanation for that one.

Catherine: Definitely Lady Gaga because she’s just fabulous, and I want to jam out and harmonize with her on the “A Star is Born” soundtrack. 

Sheila: I would like to be invited to join Lanz and Taylor Swift. That is all. 

Colleen: I just started watching “Veronica Mars,” so I would say Kristen Bell. I think that she is hilarious but also super genuine. She would definitely be good at staying positive and busy with fun quarantine activities!

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