Spring cannot come fast enough! With the beautiful weather on campus and Puxatawny Phil’s promise of an early spring just a short while ago, last week’s snowstorm came as a shock. Though the world looks beautiful coated in white, motivation is hard to come by at this point in the semester. The weather is still freezing cold, the days are still dark and short and at the tail end of the winter season it is not unlikely to feel like you are in a winter slump. Here are 10 tips and tricks that will hopefully help to pull you out of your slump.

  1. Exercise 

This seems like the advice that everyone gives when you are low on energy and motivation. In fact, I have heard it so much from so many different people, that I was starting to get sick of hearing it myself. But I promise, it really works! Setting a consistent workout schedule helps me get in the right mindset and boost my energy. You can even check out some of the group classes the RecPlex offers like Zumba, yoga, pilates, etc. to try something new and work out with friends. 

  1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

I know. Making your bed in the morning seems like a given. But there are definitely days when I sleep late or just don’t feel like it. However, I find that starting my morning off with one productive task sets the tone for productivity throughout the day. So even if it is as simple as making your bed, the consistency of a little task may just help you get out of your slump. 

  1. Clean Your Room

Keeping with the theme of tidying up your space, cleaning your room is a great place to start if you feel like you are in a funk. I find that when my living space is clean, my mind feels clear. Consistently cleaning your room is easier said than done, especially with the cold weather. I know that in the winter months, I tend to ignore the piles of laundry that build up on my floor, opting to lie in bed instead of cleaning. But as hard as it can be to motivate sometimes, cleaning your room is such a great way to reset and feel comfortable in your own space. You can even set a cleaning schedule for yourself, so you can hold yourself accountable.

  1. Go For An Outdoor Walk

When the temperatures drop below freezing, it is definitely preferable to stay indoors. However, getting outside every day, even just for a few minutes, can be so beneficial. Try going for a short walk around campus, going sledding on the library lawn or even grabbing some friends and driving to the beach. Despite the cold, I can guarantee you will feel rejuvenated after some time outdoors. 

  1. Try Meditation

As we near the middle of the semester, the cold weather combined with a heavy workload for school can be overwhelming. Try finding a quiet space and taking a few minutes each day for yourself to meditate. Allowing yourself this time to reflect and breathe can definitely be a great way to decrease your stress and hopefully boost your mood.

  1. Read A Good Book

When the weather is cold, it is so easy to cozy up on the couch and scroll on social media. Despite the loads of work I have piling up, I constantly find myself in bed scrolling on TikTok. But spending hours on social media often makes me feel unproductive. So next time you have a free moment, try picking up a book instead of reaching for your phone to limit your screen time. 

  1. Make Time To Call Your Family and Friends

Though I absolutely love Fairfield’s campus and love living in Fairfield, there are still moments, even as a senior, that I feel a little homesick. When I start to feel homesick, I start to feel myself slipping into a funk. If you experience the same feelings of homesickness, definitely make some time to call your family or your friends from home. You can even work it into your schedule, so you know you will have this uninterrupted time to talk and catch up with each other. I always find that I feel so much better after getting off the phone with my own family.

  1. Find A Cute Coffee Shop To Do Your Work

There are plenty of great spots on campus to study and do work – we all need to switch it up sometimes. The routine of classes and homework can be draining, so adding some variety to the locations we do our work can help to break the cycle and add some excitement to our workdays. And finding a local coffee shop comes with the bonus of a good coffee or a sweet treat!

  1. Write In A Journal

Keeping a great journal can be a great way to get all your thoughts out, both positive and negative. You can make it a creative outlet for yourself or just use it as a place to write about your experiences. I know that when I am feeling down or feeling like I am in a funk, writing in my journal always makes me feel better.  

  1. Keep A Positive Mindset

This is easier said than done, especially as the winter months drag on. But despite the cold weather and the shorter days, try to find the good in everything around you and enjoy your time as a college student. It can be stressful, but it goes by fast. Try to enjoy every moment!  

These tips and tricks may not pull you out of your winter slump completely, but they are definitely worth a shot to get you through these last few weeks of winter. Spring is right around the corner!

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