On Thursday, March 7, Daphne Willis will be performing a free concert in the Lower Level of the John A. Barone Campus Center. Counseling and Psychological Services, along with the Collegiate Recovery Program, has organized this performance from Willis because of her well-known work in spreading positive messages to those people affected by addiction.

Willis is a singer, songwriter, musician and speaker from Speakers for Change, an organization focused on helping those suffering from addiction. Through her work as a musician and a speaker, Daphne passionately works to spread messages of support and hope for those affected by addiction. “She has a wonderful energy, relevance, stage presence, and ability to connect with a diverse audience with ease,” said Lisa Arnold, Clinical Director of Counseling and Psychological Services.

“She conveys hope and resilience through her songwriting and her talent, and she will be an incredibly positive inspiration to our students who are struggling with similar issues,” continued Arnold. “She’s unlike any other entertainer that we’ve brought to campus.”   

Willis’ passion for her music stems from her own personal hardships with addiction and mental health. She details these struggles in much of her work, including both her musical material and her spoken content. Her emotional piano ballad “Somebody’s Someone” serves as one example of this ability to spread her messages of perseverance against addiction, mental health and personal struggle in general. This song, an anthem of sorts for this fight against addiction and mental health, accurately encompasses the message that both she and Speakers for Change work to convey: that you matter and you’re not alone.  

Counseling and Psychological Services has sponsored this event with the intent of bringing awareness to the resources available to those struggling with addiction, but in general, they hope to set-up deliver a night filled with support and inspiration to all.  

All students, faculty and staff are welcomed to join this free concert where Willis will be both singing and speaking throughout the night on Thursday, March 7, at 7 p.m. in the Lower Level BCC.  


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