The town of Fairfield is filled with all sorts of local businesses, from restaurants to salons to my personal favorite: boutiques. Though Fairfield is already practically overflowing with these up-and-coming businesses, a new boutique has just made its mark on the town. 

One5 boutique, located at 1215 Post Road, is a new spot soon to be intrinsic to the spirit of Fairfield. Small as it may appear from the outside, the inside is absolutely bursting with new, on-trend styles loved by all. One of the employees, Nicole, stated about One5, “It truly is a place that speaks for itself. It’s so awesome how frequently we get new things in, with lots of trend-forward pieces that can be mixed with neutrals for endless styles.” 

There is no end of exciting pieces within the walls of One5, all of which can be paired with virtually anything else in the store. From the moment you walk in, it is so obvious that every detail of the boutique was chosen with precision, hopeful of inspiring different customers with all sorts of unique styles. 

Though it was certainly difficult not to spend every dollar in my bank account on their clothing, this surprisingly was not much of an issue. Despite the fact that the clothing and jewelry are extremely high-quality, everything in the store is very reasonably priced, making shopping sprees a bit more manageable for all! 

The shopping experience as a whole can only truly be described in one way: refreshing. Though there are numerous styles that can come forth as a product of the pieces in One5, there is a surprisingly manageable amount of inventory to sort through, making the store appear organized and clean, yet also eclectic and fun. 

The energy of the store itself is very welcoming and friendly, with employees that care solely about each of their customers walking out of One5 with exactly the piece they had in mind. It gives the boutique a very personal and homey feel, which is something that so many Stags living far away from home could use more of! 

Current student Alex Rafferty ‘23 stated, “One5 is a place where you can always go and find something no matter the occasion! There are many options to choose from, yet the store remains calm and fun. The ladies who work there are so kind and [are] always down to help style you!” There is no shortage of lively pieces just waiting to be taken off of their hangers and styled, which the displays and meticulous organization of their clothing certainly encourage.

Stags, you absolutely must take a trip to One5 the next time you are downtown! It is an experience not to be missed, and that very few other boutiques have been able to replicate. No matter what look you may be trying to achieve, or even what event you are in need of a new outfit for, do not hesitate to stop into One5. I am more than confident that I will be heading back there soon… once I cash my next paycheck!


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