If you haven’t been to the Fairfield Farmers Market yet, what are you waiting for? Now is your chance!

This past Sunday, Sept. 26, I had the wonderful opportunity of attending this lovely farmer’s market. This recurring event is located at 1451 Post Road, Fairfield, Conn., across from the renowned Firehouse Deli and a charming white gazebo. The amazing thing about this location is that the Stag Bus has a stop nearly right in front of it, so even without a car, you and your friends could get there easily!

The Fairfield Farmers Market features stands from around 20 local farms and food producers, with the variety seen being unmatched! There’s something for everyone; whether it be freshly grown tomatoes the size of your head, a medley of fresh vegetables to mix up in a homemade salad, gourmet dog treats for the little fur babies at home, aesthetic plant wall decor to hang in your dorm room, brownies and cookies for a delicious treat, artisan breads, colorful t-shirts or beautiful jewelry, you are sure to find something you love!

The best part is that whatever you end up buying supports local businesses!

One stand that really caught my eye was Millpond Essentials which originated from Stratford, Conn. Millpond Essentials sells a plethora of essential oils and fun soaps made with goat milk. I know it sounds odd at first, but there’s just something about soaps made with goat milk that makes my skin feel smoother. Plus, I find that sensitive skin doesn’t react poorly to this ingredient! All of the bright colors and scents offered caught my attention right away, and I began sifting through, finally deciding on the coconut soap to be my pick! 

The Bee love Project is another great stand, selling wildflower honey, creamed honey, masks, t-shirts and much more. All for the amazing cause of raising awareness on the importance of bees to the environment! Part of their mission of the project, according to their website, is “To make people aware that if we don’t take care of the bees, and they become extinct, there will be major food shortages on planet earth affecting millions of people.”

Another little fact I learned graciously from the kind woman running the stand at the time is the significance of bee pollen as a superfood! I was confused at first when I saw one of the products for sale was bee pollen; I had never heard of anyone eating this before, and I’ve never come across it in a grocery store myself. 

After seeing this and talking to the individual running the stand, I came back and did my own research! According to a blog posted by Torii Labs, bee pollen is filled with antioxidants and is nutrient-rich with vitamin B, all eight amino acids, folic acid, zinc, iron and magnesium. It’s also great for your skin because of “digestive-aiding enzymes” and “antimicrobial activity.” This may be a great addition to your yogurt or smoothie for the athletes or health-concerned Stags out there!

All in all, you definitely don’t want to miss this! The last and only day left to stop by and visit the Fairfield Farmers Market is Sunday, Oct. 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. Tell your friends and make sure to go out and support these local businesses!


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