Like all students at Fairfield University, my week is occupied with the typical rigorous academic responsibilities. Monday through Friday (or more realistically, Thursday), I’m all business. It’s not until the weekend rolls around that I shut my laptop and focus on the best part of my week: eating good food. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, there’s absolutely zero room for a drab salad or the bland chicken I keep in my fridge. Instead, I choose to carbo-load my body and my soul. In true Italian fashion, the only way I can make this happen is by ordering a large, well-done meatball and ricotta pizza from the renowned Frank Pepe’s.  

To get down to business, I am writing this article to offer you all some “knead”-to-know information. Wednesday, Feb. 9, is National Pizza Day. While it may be self-explanatory, the only adequate way to celebrate this national holiday and honor our pizza-making ancestors is by ordering a pie (or many) from a local pizzeria. Luckily, as an unofficial, official, pizza connoisseur, I have some recommendations. It’s the “yeast” I can do. 

To begin, my friends and I have found that the perfect cure to the “Sunday scaries” is found tucked inside Frank Pepe’s establishment. We’ve discovered that weekly Sunday night dinner dates are the best way to unpack the weekend, unwind before the week ahead, and scarf down some of the most unreal pizza pies. My must-try recommendation, as previously stated, is the meatball and ricotta pizza. It quite literally melts in your mouth. Some of my other favorites include: “The Veggie Special” pie and the seasonal “Fresh Tomato Pie” which can only be eaten between the months of July and September.  

If you’re looking for a dressier atmosphere, our very own Pizzeria Molto in town offers some of the best, exceptionally crisped, flatbread pizza. The margherita pie has the perfect blend of crushed tomatoes and gooey mozzarella cheese. The dough is handled with extreme care, fantastically crusted around each edge. Lastly, not only is Molto perfect for a gourmet-level pizza on National Pizza Day, but it’s also a perfect spot for a Valentine’s Day date, or better, a “galentine” gathering.

Finally, if you’re on that broke college student budget but still want a “slice” of the action, I have a few suggestions for creating your own pizza masterpiece. First, you will want to purchase your own dough. Trader Joe’s has plenty to choose from, especially if you are looking for something gluten-free. A hack for obtaining the perfect crisp is to put your dough in the oven for a few minutes before you put your toppings on. Next, buy your favorite toppings and share them with your friends (or keep it all for yourself).  

Now that you are fully equipped with the insider information, I wish you the best on your national holiday extravaganza. Don’t forget to order your pies well-done! 


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