“Snow day!” These are quite possibly the two most exciting words that any student can hear. Just imagine: no classes, no homework, no responsibilities. There is only the beautiful white landscape created by the falling snow and the endless possibilities of fun awaiting you on your day off. 

After this past weekend’s snowstorm, Fairfield University students got a taste of what a snow day looks like on campus. Just this past Saturday, I awoke to the beautiful sight of falling snow and watched as it transformed the campus into a winter wonderland. When I finally put on my snow boots and ventured outside, I found that many other students had done the same. I witnessed snowball fights, heard the laughter of those who were sledding and saw the imprints of snow angels left in the freshly fallen snow. Experiencing this first snow day of the year has definitely left me excited for more to come. I am sure that many other Fairfield students would say the same.

In anticipation of more snowy weather, here are a few fun and practical tips to guide you through your future snow day:

Pull Out Your Winter Gear:

The first and most important step to a successful snow day is to bundle up. If you plan on venturing out into the snow, it is crucial that you stay warm. Grab your winter boots, your coat, your hat, your gloves and whatever else you may need to keep yourself warm. Once you are completely bundled up, you are ready to brave the storm. 

Stock Up on Snacks:

After the snowstorm this past weekend, I think many would agree with me when I say that the walk to the Tully in the snow can be a tough one. When it is cold, windy and snowy, the walk across campus to get food can feel extremely long. Personally, my motivation to leave the room and grab food in the midst of the storm was severely lacking. That is why it is essential to stock up on snacks ahead of time. There is nothing worse than being snowed in without any food so make sure you head to the nearest grocery store and prepare ahead of time. 

Go Sledding:

What better way to spend a snow day than to spend it sledding with your friends? I know that when I hear the words “snow day,” the first thing that comes to my mind is sledding and I am sure that many others would make this same association. Fortunately for Fairfield students, the library lawn provides a perfect hill for sledding! 

Don’t have a sled? There is no need to worry! Just get creative and grab whatever you can find in your room. Cardboard, storage bags or plastic bins. Anything will work! You are never too old to enjoy a fun-filled day of sledding and, despite the cold, this activity is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  

Have a Movie Night:

If you don’t feel like venturing out in the middle of a blizzard, why not stay in and enjoy a good movie from the comfort of your own room? Gather your roommates or invite some of your friends over from down the hall. Pop some popcorn, grab some blankets and settle into your favorite movie or TV show. 

Drink Some Hot Chocolate: 

I can think of no better way to end a fun day in the snow than with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Grab some from the hot chocolate station at the Tully or make some for yourself in your room. Add some marshmallows and settle in to warm up with your friends after your fun adventures in the snow.

Fairfield’s campus already looks like a winter wonderland and it is only the beginning of the snowy season. We can anticipate and hope for even more snow days in the near future so it is important that we are both prepared and ready to have fun!


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