With this past winter delivering very little snowfall, students had slowly been losing hope for the possibility of a snow day—with a couple of dustings over the past couple of months leaving much to be desired. However, on Monday, Feb. 27, a cold front that swept across the country brought the first big snow of the season—delivering half a foot of snow to an excited campus community. In-person classes and offices on campus were closed, finally allowing for the first Snow Day of the 2022-23 academic year. 

As the snow fell Monday night, students flocked to the developing winter wonderland outside. One particularly favored snow day hot spot on campus—Bellarmine Hill—was buzzing as students gathered with sleds and makeshift sleds in tow. Sleds big and small as well as cardboard boxes, lids, oven trays and even mattresses were used to journey down the snow-ridden hill. Some were more successful than others. 

On Tuesday, the fun continued as students built snowmen around campus, and continued with sledding and even skiing on Bellarmine Hill. 

Although this may be the only snowfall sizable enough to warrant a snow day this semester, it’s safe to say that this unexpected joy the campus community was able to share brightened spirits and even turned the semester around for some. For many, this evening marked a time when students felt more connected than ever to fellow students and the campus community.  

Molly Durrant ‘23 spoke on this feeling: “Some of my favorite moments at Fairfield are moments like that night on the hill where the campus community comes together to experience friendship and joy.” 

The weather in the coming weeks is currently predicted to be on the warmer side as we approach springtime, but that doesn’t mean the possibility of another large snowfall is completely ruled out. We can only hope for another—the knowledge of Dean Johnson’s chili recipe depends on it!

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