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For all the iPhone 4 users on campus that have friends studying abroad Skype is the app for you. It now allows you to video chat from your iPhone 4 or fourth generation iPod Touch with users from all over the world. For those of you who don’t have the iPhone 4 but another iPhone, you can still use the text chat with your friends who are abroad.

If you know somebody else with an iPhone 4 the two of you can Skype from phone to phone. This latest update has changed Skype into an app that everybody should have on their iPhone, new or old. There are other apps that let you video chat over 3G and WiFi but Skype is the most well known and common application. Apple’s FaceTime even lets you now video chat with a computer but it’s still in the beta version.

Skype has been the name in video chatting for years and it is staying in the forefront with this update to the app.

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