If you haven’t heard of Ben Folds by now, it’s about time you do your homework. Once front man of the piano-rock trio, Ben Folds Five, Ben Folds is considered one of the most talented singer/songwriters of our generation. After storming the charts in the late 90s’ with hits like “Underground” and “Brick,” the trio decided to call it quits in early 2000, leaving the talented composer band-less. Not wanting his songs to go to waste, Ben Folds went solo the following year, and has released three full-length albums since.

His third and latest solo album, “SuperSunnySpeedGraphic, the lp,” is a collection of songs taken mostly from his limited edition EPs: “Super D,” “Sunny 1,,” and “Speed Graphic.” The Lp also includes songs from “The Bens EP,” which was a short CD of songs written and recorded by Ben Lee, Ben Kweller and of course, Ben Folds.

Another distinctive feature of the new album is that it includes three cover songs: The Cure’s “In Between Days,” The Darkness’ “Get Your Hands off My Woman,” and a humorous rendition of Dr. Dre’s “B****** Ain’t S***.” Although these songs may seem like a big departure from the regular sound he plays, there is so much Ben Folds influence in the songs that most listeners won’t even realize that they aren’t originals.

Aside from the covers, other songs that may stand out more than the rest on this album are the tracks “Bruised,” “Rent a Cop” and “Still.”

“Bruised,” the tenth song on the disc, seems to be the most radio friendly song, packed with every element needed for a number one song. Bruised is also one of the few songs Folds has released that features guitar. This incorporation of the guitar shows that Folds doesn’t have to rely on his amazing piano playing to write a good melody, and that he is still maturing as a musician.

Another standout track is “Rent a Cop,” an upbeat song that instantly has the listener moving to the music. The introduction of hand clapping, finger snapping, tambourines, trumpets and electronic effects make this a distinctive on this collection of songs which shines.

The final track on the album is the piano ballad, “Still.” This closer is a slow-paced song; the kind that gives you goose bumps with every note played. “Still” is the perfect pick to end the CD, leaving fans anticipating his next release.

The twelve-track CD includes everything a Ben Folds fan would expect: clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and his powerful voice. Although I wouldn’t expect to hear any of these songs on mainstream radio, it doesn’t change the fact that “SuperSunnySpeedGraphic” may be one of the best albums this fall season. If you haven’t given Ben Folds a listen yet, I recommend picking up this album, and starting to give him the attention that he deserves.

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