One of the ways College Republicans are most active on campus is in the form of supporting America’s troops.

“We really like to focus on the troops because they are there on the front lines defending everything we stand for in America,” said President Kyle Potenziani ‘15.

Part of the support comes from monthly pie sales to benefit Wounded Warriors. In addition, the College Republicans organize troop drives outside of Stop and Shop.

“We’ll give people a list … of common items that the troops need, and then if they buy us some, we collect them all and send them over there,” said Potenziani.

In addition to supporting the troops, College Republicans have had a variety of potential candidates come to speak to the club, such as Republican candidate Peter Lumaj, who ran for Secretary of State last year.

When asked how speakers were planned, Potenziani said it’s a two-way street.

“If we really want someone to come speak then we’ll ask them. Most of the time during campaign season, we’ll get campaigns to come and talk to us. It’s really both ways, we reach out to them and they reach out to us,” said Potenziani.

According to Potenziani, club members also attend political events in Connecticut.

“We went to an event on education with Jeb Bush. That was really cool because he’s a big figure. I know some club members went to see Chris Christie last year when he came,” said Potenziani.

He also mentioned that multiple club members were avid supporters of the Second Amendment, which protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.

“We went to an actual second amendment rally at the capital last year as a club event, and we took kids who wanted to go… It was interesting. There were people from not only Connecticut but also the surrounding states,” said Potenziani.

Another event that some club members took part in was phone banking for the Romney campaign. According to Potenziani, the club typically focuses on supporting local candidates.

“The club doesn’t endorse any candidates because it would be just the executive board making that decision, and that wouldn’t be speaking for the whole club,” said Potenziani. “But personally, I am supporting Tom Foley for Governor.”

When asked why he believes being politically active is important, Potenziani mentioned that American elections are unique.

“Some countries in the world have elections but they’re not very free or they’re rigged or they’re fraud. We have legitimate elections. It allows our voice to be heard.”

He continued on to describe the powerful impact of voting in local elections.

“I know people say your vote doesn’t count, but I don’t think that’s true. I think local politics are going to affect you the most. That’s all by popular vote … You can dictate the political course of your home state by voting and getting others to vote,” said Potenziani.

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