The Mirror: So, how did it feel to win the election last week?

Hutch Williams: So relieved, especially after almost four hours waiting. Just relief, excitement. I was just so happy everything worked out. You think about all the time you spent, and it’s just relief.

TM: Of course a lot of your friends were [in the campus center] waiting with you, but who was the first person you called after you found out you won?

HW: It was my mom, I knew she’d be up waiting to hear. My father, I knew he’d be asleep, but I wanted to let my mom get to bed.

TM: What are you most excited about as you begin as the new president?

HW: The thing I’m really excited for is being here next summer and laying the foundation for next year. I want to have everyone come back in September and have FUSA be 10 steps ahead of the game. Jess and Kristina told Megan and I that how you set the tone in July sets the tone for the upcoming semester, and I want to get my hands dirty early.

TM: Do you plan to continue being an RA next year?

HW: No. Res. Life has been very understanding. It would be far too much. I have had a great year, and I want to collaborate [with them] next year, but I won’t actually be working for them.

TM: One of the main parts of your campaign was addressing student apathy. What do you think that Fairfield and FUSA can realistically do to combat apathy?

HW: The realistic thing is to start with the class of 2010. One of my big things is to reach out to the veterans and rookies, the seniors and the freshmen. There are still multiple seniors upset and are taking the results of the election personally. I’ve already contacted the class council of ’07 and I want to work with them to get many things done.

Luckily I’m doing the Orientation board this year, so I’ll be there with the freshmen off the bat, letting them know what FUSA’s about, even if [in the fall] it means walking around the dorms.

A lot of [seniors] think I’m going to forget about them or ignore them. I want to let them know they’re still loved.

TM: Let’s project into the future. It’s March 2007: What’s the biggest thing you’ve done?

HW: I think the biggest thing I want to have done by March ’07 is a noticeable change in student apathy. A lot of people have said [addressing] apathy is a lofty goal. A lot of people think this mountain of apathy can be conquered in one year; that’s not the case.

The freshmen this year have seen good examples [from the upperclassmen]. I want to instill a sense of pride with the upperclassmen because they are setting an example. A year from now – voter turnout – let’s increase it again.

Decreasing apathy sounds general, but it is explained in the events we’ve planned and higher attendance. [When giving tours], people ask if it’s a suitcase school. No, it’s not a suitcase school, but what are people doing? It’s about bettering the Fairfield family.

TM: Of course it’s a little early to say, but do you see yourself running again next year?

HW: That’ll be a question I’ll probably have an answer for in January ’07. If I’ve done a good job and I’ve heard good things, that’ll be a factor. Whoever is best for Fairfield and FUSA is who I want to see [as president].

TM: As you know, it was just announced that Dashboard Confessional will be our spring act. Are you excited about that?

HW: I’m excited. I really believe on April 6th it’s [Alumni Hall] going to be packed again.

TM: If money were not an issue and everyone liked the same band you do, what band would you want to hear at Fairfield?

HW: I’m saying this just because I think everyone else would love it – Journey. If money were no object, Journey.

– Elizabeth Cooper

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