Grey’s Anatomy is back. That means all you crazy fanatics like myself
can stop popping in your season 1 DVDs and quoting Meredith
voice-overs, and instead spend some quality time in front of your TV
drooling over the new drama at Seattle Grace.
Season 5 started off this past Thursday (September 25) with a two-hour,
two-part season premiere entitled ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me.
I’ll be the first to admit that the theme this week was a little more
than creepy. Although I almost burst into tears and hurled something at
the television screen when we all though Derek was dead, Meredith’s
dream was probably the only interesting and intriguing one throughout
the entire episode. Cristina’s dream of her future old lady
relationship with Meredith was just unnecessary and straight up weird.
And when Izzie sees Alex with a half-naked woman, she fantasizes about
a reunion with Denny, I was upset that Izzie still can’t seem to move
on with her life. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be ecstatic to have Denny
back on Grey’s. I was simply looking forward to have some new eye
candy on the show.
Speaking of the incredible boy toys on the show, I totally have a thing
for Major Owen Hunt, Cristina’s new man. Whether it’s because he
walked into the hospital all badass, using a pen for a tracheotomy, or
because I have a lot of admiration for Cristina, I like the new guy.
Hopefully McMilitary (I’m so coining that nickname) will be sticking
around for a while and we can have the pleasure of watching some more
hard-core Cristina/ Owen make out scenes (the last of which deserves a
spot in the Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Moments).
Along the same lines, the relationships on the show are definitely
heating up, and we’ve definitely got a lot going on in that area. The
Callie/ Hahn duo is surprisingly cute and I’m definitely interested
in seeing where that will go.’ And I’ll admit, this last episode was
the first one in which I didn’t want to beat Lexie up, but instead
give her a big bear hug; George has been very tiresome these past few
seasons and I’m getting sick of his obliviousness. But don’t worry
George, you’ll always be my favorite repeat intern. Now, Izzie and
Alex on the other hand is one couple I’ve always been rooting for.
But don’t get me started on how ridiculous Alex’s little scene with
his half-naked bimbo was. Yet, despite the many issues they each have
to work out, I’ll always be their number one fan.’ For the Mere/Dere
love situation? All I have to say is that you would think therapy would
have helped Meredith work out some of her insanity.
All in all, the season premiere was definitely a great one, but to be
honest, I pretty much say that about every single Grey’s Anatomy
episode. Next week looks very interesting and I’m looking forward to
see what goes down with the big, bad flood heading Seattle Grace’s

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