Over 16,000 fans waited anxiously last Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden in anticipation for the band of the night, Weezer.
Sitting in my nosebleed, level 300 seat, I looked down on the packed crowd, most of who were wearing thick-rimmed black glasses, tight blue jeans and black converse sneakers- what you would expect at a Weezer show.
At 9:45, the arena went dark and every single person in the crowd stood eager for the band to arrive. The four members, led by front man Rivers Cuomo, took the stage wearing matching white jumpsuits, busting into their set with their 1994 hit, ‘My Name is Jonas.’
The band continued with their old school songs by playing ‘Pink Triangle,’ and ‘Say It Ain’t So.’ The overly excited crowd screamed the lyrics so loud, it was difficult for one to actually hear Rivers’ sing. Though the band did play many old school throwbacks, the real highlights from the 22-song set came when the band performed their own renditions of Oasis’ ‘Morning Glory,’ and Nirvana’s ‘Sliver.’ Another main highlight of the band’s fierce hour and a half set came when Tom Delonge of Angels and Airwaves came on stage to sing a duet version of ‘Undone (Sweater Song).’
Weezer engaged in many unorthodox moves this show, switching off their instruments in several of the songs. During ‘The Sweater Song,’ drummer Pat Wilson took over lead guitar and Rivers sang and played drums.
Weezer first left the stage after playing ‘The Greatest Man That Ever Lived,’ a song off its new album, ‘The Red Album.’
Two minutes went by with the crowd chanting the band’s name, screaming at the top of their lungs, ‘one more song!’
Rivers returned to the stage dressed in a soccer uniform. This time, though, Rivers took the stage with over 30 musicians, all contest winners who were lucky enough to perform with Weezer at one of the most famous arenas. The ensemble of musicians consisted of every possible instrument: an accordion, a saxophone, bongos, a flute and more.
Rivers, taking over vocal duties, led the orchestra in a two song encore, consisting of Weezer favorites ‘Beverly Hills’ and ‘Island in the Sun.’
The crowd of contest winners took a bow and left the stage, followed by Rivers and company. The band returned one last time, busting into a hair standing performance of their first hit, ‘Buddy Holly.’ The band waved their’ final’ goodbye, leaving the crowd mesmerized at the performance they had just pulled off.

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