For your average college student, Halloween falling on a Saturday would be a prime opportunity for Hallo-weekend festivities; the term designating the weekend celebration of Halloween. Friend groups can show off their costumes they’ve been planning since Oct. 1 and get together with friends to celebrate the end of the spooky season. 

However, with the recent lockdowns and social distancing protocols put in place due to the coronavirus, Hallo-weekend has a different look this year. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still dress up and get creative! If you’re stuck on what to dress up as, here are some ideas for what to do and what’s best to avoid. 

The Best

“Among Us”

If you’ve heard the phrase, “Who’s the imposter?” being thrown around on social media, it is a reference to the popular iPhone game called “Among Us.” The app was released in 2018, but saw a recent resurgence in popularity this year. This multiplayer game is based on strategy and process of elimination. You work with other crew members to figure out who the imposter is that’s sabotaging the ship. But, more importantly to us, this is the perfect DIY costume for a group! 

All you would need is for everyone to wear a certain color t-shirt like red, pink, blue or white. To dress up the outfits you can add some decorations like necklaces, glasses or hats pertaining to your color. 

Decades Costumes

If you’re an old soul, a decades costume would be the perfect fit for your dorm Halloween. Whether it’s wearing some tie-dye and bellbottoms to be a ‘70s hippie or strapping on some workout clothes to pay homage to the ‘80s, there are so many ways to be creative in these decade outfits.

Pop Culture 

Dressing up as your favorite television character, singer, actor/actress or athlete is always fun and creative, and is a good way to show off your personality and interests. The best thing about this theme is that many of these costumes can be worn with clothes you already have in your closet. Some group costume ideas I’ve seen that have always been hits are music groups like the Spice Girls or the cast of hit shows like “The Office” or “Stranger Things.” 

The Haunts (in no particular order) 

COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic that has affected millions of people around the world, and has led to so much loss and devastation, dressing up in anything resembling the pandemic would be in poor taste and offensive to anyone who has suffered as a result of the virus. It’s best to avoid hazmat suits or dressing as the virus. Instead, celebrate those hard working individuals in the medical field by dressing as a doctor or nurse. 

Cultural Appropriation/Stereotypes

This should go without saying, but dressing up as a culture that isn’t your own is not a costume. It is appropriating preconceived notions about that culture. This goes for the Native American headdress, the sombrero and poncho and most especially black face. Dressing up for Halloween should be fun and creative, and with such a wide range of costumes to pick from there should be no reason to pick one that mocks another culture.  


Yandy, a company known for their controversial women’s Halloween costumes, released their “Sexy Mail-in Ballot Costume.” It’s a white tube top dress with a printed on postal stamp and two “I Voted!” stickers. The description for this costume calls you the key to the election. While you can argue that Yandy is attempting to spread awareness about the upcoming election, I wouldn’t associate political decisions with the word ‘sexy,’ especially not one that is crucial in deciding who is going to be our nation’s president for the next four years. I’m all for encouraging voting and spreading the word, but dressing up as a mail-in ballot is not going to get anyone elected. You need to actually fill out your ballot and be informed regarding this election! 

No matter what costume you decide to wear this Halloween, we hope you have a fun and spooky time! 


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