Living in today’s society one is burdened by the ball-and-chain-like feeling that comes with the constant connection with technology.  Everywhere we go we are immediately linked with thousands of our closest friends, who may or may not care about how close you are to seeing your girlfriend or boyfriend.  6 Daayyyyzzzz <<3333.  Gag me.

Facebook, Twitter, texting and many other social media sites have become platforms to spoon-feed the world a heaping helping of our own individual thoughts.  And by spoon I mean cannon-like.  We seem to have forgotten, or just not cared, that not everyone in the world wants to hear about what’s going on in your private life.

Well, what would be considered your private life up until that last tweet… sorry that your inability to control yourself while drinking and texting/tweeting/Facebooking has made us all realize that you’re just a terrible person.

We all have that one person on our newsfeeds whose statuses just make you sit there and stare at how a person could be able to manage to link their direct brain-thoughts straight to their Facebook.  Do you ever even read what you post?  God help us when it’s time for our generation to run for any sort of political office, we’re screwed.

Crafting a beautiful Facebook status has become an art.  Much like the times of our youths when everyone got a trophy for doing anything regardless of how well you did it, ‘likes’ offer the same sort of feeling.  Likes are little ego boosters, a hearty serving of Ego Waffles.

There are some great technological advances that I do enjoy however, such as the iPhone app ‘Find My Friends’ which allows you to locate any of your connected friends on a map.  It sounds really creepy at first but it’s actually surprisingly helpful.

Skype and Facebook also allow us to talk to people who live far away, and don’t necessarily get to see all the time.  Whether or not you want to ever reconnect with these people is a completely different story and up to your discretion.

Our society is becoming a world of impersonal communication.  Pretty soon our lives will be just like in Wall*e.  Everyone will become fat and flying around on chairs not even turning to look at each other, just using technology to communicate and express ourselves.  Let’s all learn from Wall*e and not let technology run our lives.


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