The Best: La Salsa

The black beans. The chicken or steak that can be added. All that delicious cheese. You can’t go wrong with the tasty La Salsa nachos. They’re made fresh right when you order them, and they are served with guacamole, sour cream, “mexicana” (tomatoes and onions), and even your choice of numerous salsas. They’re always busy, and for a reason: their food is phenomenal. Who would’ve guessed that they’re part of a larger operation based mostly out of the midwest? It doesn’t matter – when it comes to nachos, you and your stomach won’t be sorry for choosing La Salsa.

Staff Pick: Sidetracks

Location probably is the biggest reason that Sidetracks lost out to La Salsa this year, but Sidetracks remains a perennial favorite of Mirror staffers. One staffer who had never been to Sidetracks recently went for the first time, and took great pleasure in describing the enormous size of the portions for their nachos. Sidetracks is always a crowd-pleaser, and has even won this category in the past. The Staff Pick is a wise one in this case.

The Worst: None

So few of you even voted on what should be worst nachos that no consensus was reached. I guess it’s true: there’s truly no such thing as bad nachos. But really, how can you mess up a simple combination of chips and cheese?

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