It is that time again for those who love Patrick Dempsy’s smile or the way Eva Longoria looks in a dress – it’s the new fall season TV lineup at its finest.

With the new TV season underway, networks have made plenty of room for several new shows for the fall including “The Game,” “Brothers and Sisters,” “Vanished” and “Studio 60: On the Sunset Strip” just to name a few. Despite the overflow of new programs, some of the returning shows remain to be favorites.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ without a doubt,” said Emily Dragone ’09 when asked which show she was most excited about watching this fall. “After being left with a cliff hanger from last season’s finale, this season can only get more dramatic.”

For those of you who have never seen “Grey’s Anatomy,” don’t feel left out. The show is a lot like the never-ending show, “ER” but with a modern twist, or perhaps, a little more drama within the hospital staff.

“I love watching “Grey’s Anatomy” because I enjoy watching Patrick Dempsy,” said Amanda Maguire ’07. “He is the show – everything else pales in comparison to ‘McDreamy.’ I get excited every time I watch.”

This fall, you can catch “Grey’s Anatomy,” every Thursday at 9 p.m on ABC.

Below is the television trailer for the third season of Grey’s Anatomy.

In addition to the dramatic lives of doctors, what could be more exciting than watching a group of women living in an upscale neighborhood overcome alcoholism, nasty children, cheating spouses and murderers? This fall, ABC’s successful primetime soap, “Desperate Housewives,” will start its third season.

“I’ve been hooked ever since the first season because of all the hype my friends placed on it,” said Jess Lew ’07. “Plus, it gives me the hope that I won’t just be a soccer mom when I get married but I can also be fabulously fashionable.”

According to Lew, the attractive nature of “Desperate Housewives” is the satirical essence the show seems to bring forth that many other TV programs do not possess. In “Desperate Housewives,” things happen to this close-knitted group of women that wouldn’t seem plausible of ever happening to ordinary people.

“There’s just so much drama,” said Jennifer Rebai ’07. “I can’t wait to see who sleeps with who, who murders who – it’s ridiculously dramatic – I love it.”

With many of the successful shows returning from last season, the new shows featured this season are going to have to step up to the plate. With several new shows, critics claim that this coming season will be highly successful.

According to Stuart Levine, a MSNBC contributor, these shows have potential because the networks are asking more from the audience than seasons before.

One of the ABC’s newest shows “Brother’s and Sisters” is catching viewers’ attention with its star-packed cast including the two time academy award winner Sally Field and Ally McBeal’s Calista Flockhart. “Brother’s and Sisters” is a show that is sure to please viewers due to its storyline that revolves around the trials and tribulations that families often endure.

“I like how it reveals that all families are inherently dysfunctional,” said Maguire. “It’s a show that definitely pulls on my heart strings.”

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