Despite a little drizzle and the threat of ominous weather, Spam Jam rocked the afternoon away with very few problems.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Spam Jam,” said Laura Cantrell, associate director of residence life. “It was very well-run. We’ve had many complements from deans, security, and students.”

There was not one illegal keg found during the party. Security was very pleased. The only incident involved two non-university students who were found with fake wristbands and they were escorted off-campus.

Tight security surrounded the 8, 9, and 10 block town houses allowing only students with official wristbands into the party. Approximately 1100 wristbands were given to students over 21. Almost 400 juniors and seniors under 21 were given wristbands. Nearly 200 of the people in attendance were non-university students.

Spam Jam was sponsored by UNITE, university townhouse experience and RASOR, Residential Apartment Student Organization. The cost of Spam Jam, including the DJ, wristbands, security staff, and Sodexho food, was nearly $10,000.

“Beer was bought by students,” said Cantrell. “No university money was used to purchase alcohol.”

“I think it was well-organized, but I thought maybe it was too long,” said Lynn Raimondo, ’03. “At the end, everyone was pretty tired and cranky. I’m glad it’s just for juniors and seniors, it’s a nice tradition for upperclassmen.”

Rob Rocco, ’02 said, “It was pretty much the same my freshman year, except I think there were less people there. When I was freshman I drank with everyone else, without the underclassmen there are less people. From a liability standpoint, it’s better. But if they can provide fun entertainment at the quad, I think it’s a good idea to have the two separated.”

This year May Day events in the quad included carnival rides, a cotton candy stand, a magician, picture pins, and a psychic. On campus bands, Crosseyed Charlie and Awkward Silence, rocked on throughout the day.

“I thought May Day was a lot of fun this year,” said Dora DeNardo, ’04. “The rides were a fun addition to this year’s festivities.”

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