Michelle Morrison/The Mirror

Michelle Morrison/The Mirror

Everyone knows that the best way to get Fairfield students to come to an event is to give them free stuff. This past weekend, FUSA took that rule to a new level: under water.

Students had a chance to win one or more of 145 betta fish that were up for grabs on Friday evening as part of the FUSA general committee event ‘Fish Frenzy.’

Students swarmed the lower level of the Barone Campus Center at 7:30 p.m., trying their hands at a variety of boardwalk games in the hopes of taking home their very own new pet. Games included dizzy-bat basketball, pop-the-balloon and Twister.

Winning students received the fish of their choice as well as a small globe fish tank, multi-colored aquarium rocks, a plastic sea plant and enough fish food to last for several weeks.
Katie Stern ’10, who currently has six new pet fish in her townhouse, commented, ‘It brings a splash of life to our house!’

By 9 p.m., however, the crowd of game-playing students had made their way back to their dorms, leaving behind a little batch of fish that no one wanted.

Janine Martire ’09, a resident assistant in Loyola Hall, said that she did not get to go to the event, but her friend brought her back one of the ‘leftover’ fish.

‘I wanted to name it Cloud, but we decided it would be cooler to call it Nube, which means Cloud in Spanish,’ said Martire.

The Info Desk is currently home to two fish, named Hutch and Fred. The betta fish, sometimes known as fighting fish, were picked up from a fish facility in Manchester, Conn.

They made their way by car, packed in small, individual plastic bags within a big foam container, until their arrival to the lower level of Fairfield’s Campus Center.

If you want your own betta fish, but missed out on the ‘Fish Frenzy,’ they can be purchased at most pet stores for under $5 per fish.

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