India is one of the most historically rich settings on earth, influencing both Eastern and Western societies.

Notorious for such treasures as the Taj Mahal and Medieval Chola Bronzes, India continues to produce astonishing artwork in a contemporary setting.

Today, India struggles with its rapid climb up the economic ladder and continuous conflict between the Hindu and Muslim religions that too often surface in the news.

The Walsh Art Gallery brings the life and culture of India to Fairfield University through contemporary art. The exhibit consists of 27 pieces from the private collection of Sunanda and Umesh Guar. The internationally known artists featured in the exhibit apply a variety of mediums and a diverse and sometimes controversial subject matter.

The responses of the artists to India’s past and present events narrate the exhibit creating a unique blend of politics, culture, religion and response.

For example, the first image upon entering the gallery is the oil on canvas “Maya’s Dream” by Arpana Caur. Directly applying the influence of Buddhism in India’s history, this theme resonates in more than one piece throughout the exhibit.

What is so fascinating about the overall exhibit is how much the Western world references and relates to the responses of contemporary Indian artists. The composition of the exhibit provides a diverse range in style and medium. The viewer will find political influence, economic struggle and violent clashing, paired with a calming response to everyday life in India.

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