From @BrittaGunneson: “I won’t smell your leggings, that’s weird.”

“Why are there cows in Barone?”

“Do you see all the beautiful pies?”

“Gobble gobble … I’m trying to attract the turkeys.”

“I’m mad at Barone for disappointing me with dinner last night.”

“Thanksgiving number one at Barone!”

“I would totally bring a girl on a date here.”

“Yummy yummy in my tummy.”

“Shout out to whoever threw up on that conveyor belt … rough night indeed.”

“You know it’s going to be a good day when there’s tater tots.”

“Lucky Charms make me feel like a magician.”

“How did someone break the door last night?”

“My roommate fell asleep in the hallway right in front of our door … he was so close.”

“All I want for Christmas is Barone.”

“I asked my parents for a stag for Christmas.”

“Time for my daily nap. Goodbye friends.”

“How am I supposed to sleep with all these people being awake?”

“I cannot wait for shave yourself December.”

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