To mozzarella sticks at the Levee … to avocado week at Barone … to passing all of my midterms … to movie night at Gonzaga … to pottery night at Faber … to Vampire Diaries on Netflix … to going to the gym … to the existence of Country Cow … to Dunkin Donuts … to Tuesday night Chipotle runs … to Cheese cheapies! … to the beach! … to the Naut! … to Teresa for saving my life … to flasks and tasteful amounts of blacking out … to friends who buy you food when they know you’ve had a rough day … to that one friend who tells you all the confidential gossip they’ve learned … to those friends who know they are absurd and can take jokes … to those college nights which you know you’ll remember forever, well at least the parts people told you about the next morning … to those friends who surprise you with how good they are at helping you out … to the friends who you can be yourself around … to my liver for holding up this weekend … to whoever decided there should be a “Snake of the Day” I have waiting my whole for being mad at people to be a competition …


To the weather … to the tent … to having no motivation … to eating healthy … to not being able to eat ice cream … to the snow that’s still on the ground … to waking up on a rainy Monday with an email from your boss already … to completely demolishing your ankle … to walking to the RecPlex in the pouring rain in my shorts … to Juliana … to chem lab … to registration … to the co news editor (you know who you are) … to the drunk guy who threw up all over my bathroom at 530 am … to Mother Nature for literally making today feel like Noah’s Ark part two … to all day accounting tests … to that one kid in class who asks the most irrelevant questions. Go to office hours, better yet, don’t even speak at all … to professors who spend the whole lecture on one topic, just to quiz you on something completely different … to anyone on tinder who expects you to talk to them 24/7, you are not cute enough, and I am too busy … to the tent they are constructing outside barone. Because if it didn’t feel like feeding time of the cattle already, now it does …

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