Did you happen to glance forward a week in your calendar? Are you dating someone who you’re pretty sure isn’t the one and you don’t want to cement your lukewarm relationship by spending Valentine’s Day together? Have no fear, the Coffee Break team has come up with a list of strategies that will simultaneously communicate your feelings while avoiding all the unpleasantness of direct confrontation.

  • Leave a Post-it note on their door. Let them know how you feel – but from a safe distance.
  • Send a GroupMe to your floor group chat. This strategy relies on someone on your floor knowing someone who is in a marketing class with someone else who was first-year roommates with your S.O.
  • Leave them a voicemail. This one’s tricky because you have to keep calling at random points during the day until you get their voicemail. Here’s a pro tip: get a copy of their class schedule and call then.
  • Send them an email. Effectively communicate your thoughts like the young business professional you are.
  • Hand in your letter of resignation. Something like, “I hereby resign my position as your significant other effective immediately.” Short, sweet and unambiguous.
  • Take out an ad in The Mirror, Fairfield’s independent student newspaper. For only $75 (quarter page, black and white) you can be sure they get the message.

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