I had the pleasure of sitting down for coffee with one of my favorite people here on campus, Amanda Lopez, the weekday custodian for McCormick. She’s been working here for close to eleven years and is just an all-around incredible woman.

Q:What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love working in buildings where the students are so friendly. Everything we do is for them anyway, but it’s so nice when they appreciate it and even take the time to talk with you. In McCormick, the students are especially friendly, always saying “good morning” and asking, “how are you?” I really have had good experiences working in McCormick!


Q:When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I like to be at home with my babies watching novellas. (Amanda had twins over the summer and I can honestly say that they’re two of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen!) Spending time with my family comes before anything else. My favorite time of the year is the Summer, when I can spend the whole day outside, eating and spending time with my friends and family.
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Sean Tomlinson is a resident assistant in the Service for Justice Residential College. She is also involved in Fairfield Students for Workers’ Rights, which held a protest to increase awareness of custodial workers’ conditions earlier last year.  

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