Dear Snow Days (or even Snow in general),

It was nice of you to show your face again. I was starting to think that I’d never see you again. It was almost worse than a break up  — with people, you can kind of assume when you’ll see each other next. However, with you, it was different. It was like being ghosted; I didn’t know that you were leaving and I truly didn’t know if you’d ever come back into my life.

Now that you’re here, have I mentioned how beautiful you are? The white blanket you lay across campus is breathtaking. Even though I’ve seen you many times before, each time I am overwhelmed with a feeling of awe as I stare out into the winter wonderland that you have created.

You always seem to come at just the right times. I mean, getting me out of class and other regular obligations is already more than I can ask for. You seem to always help me miss exams or avoid group presentations. Your arrival timing is impeccable and for that, I love you.

Your visit was short and sweet, and that is appreciated. I have things to do now; my life needs to go on. I prefer being able to access the dining hall and my friends’ dorms without having to pile on layers of clothing, and without the risk of slipping in the middle of the quad. Our time together was fun, though.

I’ll see you when I see you.


Every Fairfield Student

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