“It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk and I need you now.”

Yes, I am talking to you sweet, sweet buffalo chicken pizza from the Stag.  Sadly, if it’s past 9 p.m., there is no way for me to get food on campus. This begs the question: “Where the $#%* is the food?”

Fairfield University’s major contribution to the local town is the easy economic boost through financing Dominos deliveries at odd hours of the night.  That being said, the University should totally try to jump on that and try to get some revenue from it.

Think of the potential to close the budget gap without tapping into the endowment.  Just throw open the doors to the Stag ‘till like 1-2 a.m. and watch the profits roll in on a Saturday night.

I’d destroy a pizza on my walk back from the Townhouses -no matter how much I had to pay.  Nothing would stand in my way on my quest to achieve happiness in that piece of buffalo chicken pizza.  God, I love that sauce…

Late Night at the Stag is one of my favorite days of the week.  There is nothing like consuming some firewater and going to eat really good, cheap pizza.

I love the Stag’s wraps and pizzas as a palatable alternative to Barone’s sometimes-questionable cuisine.  There is nothing better than feasting on greasy, terrible food, while being hung over from my tequila-fueled escapades.

On a different note, the Pope needs to change that whole rule about meat on Friday.  It’s really starting to kill my buzz.

Either that, or Barone needs to start catering to this without putting out more fish.  Nothing like watching my roommate try to eat catfish and then puke it back up onto the plate after tasting it.  Like actually vomiting up cat fish.  Try the fish with that visual in your head.  It’s like they’re trying to make me a sinner.

Barone also has the strange habit of removing food from the cafeteria after 2 p.m.  This sucks because I don’t get out of class until 1:45.  I finally escape the marathon of classes and then I find out that there’s no food? It’s devastating.

If Fairfield opened up a food place late, they’d make so much more money and be able to cater to the late-night crew who will do anything for food.  Think of everyone who doesn’t have access to a car who would be all for it.

Just throwing out some more ideas to the ‘fairest of fields.’


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