F*** I Never Actually Learned S***. Between the week of hell at the end of the semester when every teacher decides to have at least 15 percent of your grade up for grabs, and the actual week of finals and reading days, I just want the semester to end.

As people begin to make up the journals they were supposed to do all semester long and to read books that they were supposed to have read the first week of the semester, it becomes evident that so many of us don’t really do the work through the semester. Not to mention the amount of people playing Snake on Facebook instead of doing all of this.

My favorite moment is when you start reading a book two days before the test and you realize it is actually an interesting read, but you don’t have time to appreciate it because you have to read the three other books that you never read.

I also enjoy the search for the person in class who takes good notes. They are the most important person to befriend during hell week for all the times that you have sat in class and decided to just clock out.

Personally, I am a fan of the Eric Matthews Fool Proof Study Plan. (Don’t know it? YouTube It.) It is all about the movie/TV study breaks. Speaking of, thank God for Netflix and Hulu.

Now I’m more of a nerd than Alex so I have my Flashcards on my iPhone which is great for pretending to convince myself that I will be studying everywhere.

So for those of you who have no idea what I meant about hunting down the best note taker or reading books for the first time before the final, I say congratulations to you. You are a responsible student, but you won’t know the pure joys of competing with friends on Snake for the highest score. I just can’t be happy sitting at only 470 points when Blackberry Girl has bested me by 100 points. I would write more but I have three papers due and The Mirror’s Snake High Score to reclaim.

PS. For any of my current teachers reading this, I am just writing about what my friends do. I have no personal experience in such poor study habits and all of your work was completed a week before its due date on the syllabus.

Editor’s Note:  By the time this issue was printed Dan had successfully beat Alex’s Snake score and continues to hold The Mirror staff’s high score.

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