After a nice, long holiday break, we are back in Stag Country. The semester has once again started and these stars of Disney Channel know exactly how we feel to be back on campus and going to classes.

Hauling your stuff back into your dorm room is even worse this time around. Unlike the fall semester, there is now snow and ice on the ground.

Having your house filled with home cooked meals that everyone’s parents sent back with them. Yum!

Having less than 24 hours to organize your books for classes that start the next day.

It’s only syllabus week, though, so classes shouldn’t be too hard, right? Wrong.

You let your roommates convince you to go out even though you have four back-to-back classes in the morning. As a result, you’re sitting through an ethics turbo after only five hours of sleep and no coffee.

Reuniting with all of your friends and acting like the four weeks away from one another was a lifetime.

Realizing that your normal route to class is hindered by the Barone Campus Center construction. It adds at least six minutes to your walk, which is just inconvenient.

The pang of anxiety as you walk into a new class and quickly scan the room to see if any of your friends are in it. Please have an empty seat in the back.

Ugh, isn’t it common courtesy for professors to let you go early on the first day of class? Tell that to your religion teacher who kept you for the whole two and a half hour turbo.

You rush through all of your work to be able to make happy hour. How do none of my roommates have homework, yet I have a chapter to read for each class that I’m taking?

Looking ahead on your syllabi and realizing that you are going to be taking five midterms over the course of two days. Right before spring break, too.

You’re abnormally exhausted after the first couple of days back. There is a drastic difference between going to multiple classes a day and the past month that you spent on the couch watching Netflix.

Finally the weekend is here. Time to buckle up for a great semester, Stags!

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