Around this time of year, it seems every group of friends or colleagues in existence gets together and decides to make Christmas as easy as possible by organizing a Secret Santa-style gift exchange. But is it truly easier? It’s cheaper, for sure, but there are definitely people within the group who you may not know and trust as much as the rest. For that exact reason, the Coffee Break Team has compiled a list of rules that, if applied to your Secret Santa this year, will ensure that each participant walks away with a gift worth treasuring.

  1. No anthrax or other biological warfare.
  1. Price must not exceed $25, but don’t be stingy.
  1. No food. We want legitimate, memorable gifts that we can keep until the world ends in 2040.
  1. Handmade gifts are allowed, even encouraged.
  1. No coal. After all, is anybody truly “nice”?
  1. Nothing we can’t keep in a dorm. This sadly includes baby animals.

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