Nationalism has been the driving force behind the fight for independence for centuries.  It has the ability to start and end wars, initiate the rise of rebellions, and alter the face of politics around the world.  Not only does nationalism ignite the fight for independence, it also allows for the preservation of culture, tradition, and civilization.  It is necessary to take into account the influence of both the internal and external factors, and the technicalities of liberation in order to determine the political strength and plausibility of secession, independence, and further autonomy for Scotland.

The decision of a nation to claim independence is far from an easy one.  Even when there is no violence involved, there is a plethora of issues that must be taken into consideration when a country chooses to secede from a larger union.  Scotland is in a unique position where no violence is necessary to become independent, and there is a pending referendum in which the nation as a whole will vote for what could possibly be a free Scotland.  While there will be hurdles to be overcome in all areas of governing, including national defense and economic challenges, it is now coming into question whether the price is worth Scotland’s liberation or not.  With this liberation Scotland could control its own economy which will allow them to collect their own taxes and give them the responsibility of federal funding which includes military and welfare.

All countries face these issues, especially when they are first formed, but what makes a country strong is the way the nation pulls together and addresses these challenges.  While it’s often difficult to stay up to date on events happening so far away from home, it’s important to remember that the impact of this decision affects the rest of the world.  Not only will Scotland’s decision change aspects of its own economy and politics, but it will also influence the economies and politics of the rest of the world.

Should Scotland become an independent nation, they will have to decide whether or not they join the European Union.  If they do join the European Union, Britain will also be in a position to decided to whether or not they will join as well.  The United States is one of Britain’s main allies so while it might not seem like Scotland’s referendum will affect America, for better or worse we will see the consequences of their actions.

The vote that determines Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom will take place next Friday, September  18th.

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