The Mirror has seen me at my best, worst, skinniest,  heaviest, angriest, proudest and most of all tiredest (if this isn’t a word I don’t care, it’s true). I met The Mirror as a nervous first-year who had zero idea what they wanted. I’m leaving The Mirror a less nervous senior who has negative idea what I want, but I learned AP style.

In all honesty, The Mirror helped me grow as a writer, a delegator , a team member and a friend. I never intended to be in this deep with my school paper when I joined the student newspaper, but I will be forever grateful that I did.

I want to shout out past editor-in-chiefs Jesse Erickson and Ally White for always pushing, supporting and teaching me in and out of the Mirror office. If it weren’t for the open environment that allowed the staff to laugh, cry and express themselves, I would have never came out of my shell in the Mirror office. I never tried to lose that atmosphere as new members came in.

I want to thank the current staff for their continuous incredible, work their patience and the late nights we’ve spent together swapping stories. I have nothing but faith that they will continue to improve the paper and foster the comedic environment of the office. There’s nothing you can’t do! When things go wrong just follow my advice and “shake it off, get the next one.” Thanks for a wild ride and giving me peace in the early morning hours. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else! Ciao for now jawns <33

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