Hey stags, we’re Brynne Bartiromo and Erin McElwee. Welcome to the weekly advice column of two seniors, who after four years have hopefully gathered up some useful information to share with you in order to guide you through your remaining years in Stag Nation. This week’s topic is about an important aspect of a college student’s life … food. There are restaurants all over Fairfield and we are suggesting some of our favorite places to grab some grub.

Bartiromo’s Lunch Advice

The Chelsea- $$

12 Unquowa Place, Fairfield, Conn.

If fresh, local ingredients are something that you enjoy, then The Chelsea is a great spot for your lunchtime indulgences. The concise and attractive menu is packed with many delightfully tasty, mostly casual, snack-like dishes; all of which would be fun to sample one after the other on different occasions. The Chelsea is a great lunch spot because the menu offers a generous selection of starters, like salads and sandwiches that are both tasty and filling. The staff is also friendly and extremely helpful. It’s open daily Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. If I had to recommend one day to go, I’d definitely suggest that you make your casual Sunday into a unique brunch experience. Trust me on this: get the French toast or Puffy Fried Waffles. You’ll be happy that you did.


Mecha Noodle Bar- $$

1215 Post Road, Fairfield, Conn.

If you think $0.99 Ramen from Stop & Shop is good (which, there’s no shame, we all think it’s gold), then you’re going to go insane when you try any dish at Mecha Noodle Bar. It’s all about Asian soul food, giving you the opportunity to try various dishes that you know and love (ramen, fried rice, dumplings) while also venturing out and exploring something new, exciting and tasty. The atmosphere alone should gain your love for this place. Sit anywhere from the popping bar, where you can watch all the action take place, to the communal tables, where you can sit with new and old friends. For the over 21 crowd, Mecha has a huge variety of fun and flavorful cocktails to try, along with a variety of craft beers. However, everyone can enjoy one of Mecha’s signature bubble teas in any delightful color or flavor of their choosing. It’s a great weekend spot to grab a nice meal and reward yourself after a long week of work. Remember, at Mecha, slurping is encouraged.


Wichday – $

808 Post Road, Fairfield, Conn.

Are you in need of a quick bite with quality taste that won’t drain your bank account? Wichday is your solution. Enjoy a plethora of options, ranging from salads and wraps to hot breakfast sandwiches, soups and more. They have more toppings than you can even think of to add any crunch, spice or dressing that you desire. There’s an added bonus: Wichday boasts a large selection of delicious iced coffee to help you get through your morning and afternoon agenda. You can be in and out in less than five minutes or sit and stay awhile to eat and chat with friends. Either way, the atmosphere is always friendly and the food that comes with it is top notch.


McElwee’s Dinner Advice

Wild Rice– $$

1612 Post Road, Fairfield, Conn.

When it comes to getting a nice dinner in the town of Fairfield, there are plenty of options. However, I have a few personal favorites that can make your evening out on the town even better. Let’s start with Wild Rice. It’s a perfect dinner for sushi lovers, but they also have amazing pan-Asian food in general. The sushi bar is a great place to sit and watch them prepare the fresh fish in front of you. I have to say, though that my absolute weakness at Wild Rice is their pork-fried dumplings. The six juicy dumplings will make your mouth water.


Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill- $$

2070 Post Road, Fairfield, Conn.

If you aren’t in the mood for Asian cuisine, there is always Southwest food. Geronimo has endless food options and awesome drinks. They are known for carrying all different types of tequila and superior cocktails. When you go, make sure that you order the guacamole to start. It’s a hefty serving, but you’ll be happy that you have all of it in front of you. One thing that I love about the restaurant is the service. Everyone is friendly and even though it is always crowded, the food comes out fast.


Pizzeria Molto– $$

1557 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, Conn.

Finally, my last recommendation would be Pizzeria Molto. It’s a little more on the expensive side and you have to be 21 in order to be seated, but it’s worth it. It’s a perfect date place, but also a nice restaurant to take your parents when they come and visit (especially because they will pay). You can get an amazing dish of penne alla vodka with a glass of chianti and have yourself an impeccable night. Also, DO NOT forget to order a chocolate lava cake before you leave. It’s one of the best desserts that I have ever had.


A majority of these restaurants are located on Post Road. If you haven’t gone to them, you need to make an appearance. Now that we are seniors, we are trying to take advantage of Fairfield’s town. The past four years have gone by so fast and we are realizing that there is still so much to do in our last few months. One way to enjoy the town is to enjoy the food that it has to offer.


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