Let’s be real; college is expensive. Besides the tuition itself, there are so many tempting teases that can add up. Between food ordered or buying that dress you just need from Apricot Lane, there are always ways to spend cash. One mobile app that a lot of people use is called Venmo. I didn’t have it for a while and started to notice that I was losing money. How? When I would go out with my friends, they would say that they would “Venmo me” or give me cash later. I never saw the cash and didn’t have Venmo, so I wasn’t getting repaid. If you don’t have the app, download it.

We all use Uber, but make sure that you split the fare with your friends. Otherwise, you could have a hefty bill the next morning. Finally, download the app associated with the bank that you use. That way, you can see how much money is being spent and get a better idea of your personal budget.

Invest in a coffee maker:

I’m sickened by the thought of how much money I’ve wasted over the years on coffee. However, I can’t get through any day without at least three cups of coffee pushing me along. That’s why my Keurig is my best friend. Having any type of coffee maker in your dorm, apartment or house will help you save a ton of money. Another bonus is getting a reusable K-Cup, so you don’t have to spent a ton of money on those either. You can get creative with your coffee and make it just like some of your favorite cafés!

Pay attention to events on campus, especially ones with free food:

Food shopping is always expensive. Even when you buy store brand items, it can be hard to keep a tight budget and keep your shelves stocked. Take advantage of the numerous events on campus that supply free food. Not only will you get a delicious catered treat, but you also get a change of scene, a taste of some of the town’s great food, a new group of people to meet and the possibility to join a new club or group. It will save you some cash in the long run and boost your social network.

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