When The Mirror asked us to write about best and worst this week, I thought it was just about the worst idea for a topic yet, and we’ve had some pretty terrible ones. But that’s what happens when Ben Doody takes a day off and we just have to roll with it. So, here goes.

Best place to hook up on campus: a room with only the participating parties present and preferably with a lock. This should be a no-brainer.

Worst place to hook up on campus: turf field. C’mon Danny, clean up your act.

Best night out: I find that many of my “best nights out” are re-enacted for me the next day.

Worst night out: the 100 Nights debacle. I apologize to those who took time to organize this event, but I still have nightmarish flashbacks of being trampled downstairs at Rain. I may never check a coat again.

Best show on television: The Office. If you’re still not watching it, we’re no longer friends.

Worst show on television: Pepper Dennis. This short-lived series starring Rebecca Romijn as a down on her luck news reporter also featured Boy Meets World alum Rider Strong and was the worst show on television of all time. I know this because I watched every episode ever created – all 12.

Best way to woo a man: bake him something.

Worst way to woo a man: Clearly, repeated shout-outs in The Mirror would be the worst. It doesn’t work – believe me.

Best suggestion from a friend for a best/worst topic: “Best Place to Sit in the Library” – Ashley Wojtowicz. Very thoughtful of you AWoj. I would have to go with the way back of the main floor.

Worst suggestion from a friend for a best/worst topic: “Best Love Scene in a Movie” – Lisette Brewster. You are disgusting and I know what your favorites are, which is even more disappointing.

Best drinking game: Physical Challenge. Go Double Dare style and create an obstacle course for your soberly challenged friends. Only great memories will commence.

Worst drinking game: Who Can Call More People? Game. As far as I know, this game doesn’t actually exist, but if it did it would definitely be the worst and most regrettable.

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