The Coffee Break team looks back on a year of newsroom quotes. Special thanks to Opinion Editor Lexi Thimble for contemporaneously recording the staff’s wisdom and humor.


“I feel like you’re way out of my league in terms of coolness.”

“I’m out of your league in a lot of things.”


“I see a lot of myself in Lil Wayne. I don’t think I need to explain myself.”


“Should I study tonight, or should I drink tonight? It’s not till 2….yeah Imma drink tonight.”


“Cat and Andrew are gonna love this headline!”

“I’m right here and I hate it.”


“’Studies say most stalkers know their victims.’ That makes sense I guess, I know most of my victims.”


“Would you describe all these things as being spelled correctly?”


“I kinda want to get mozzarella sticks tonight.”

“I kinda wanna die tonight.”


“Did you just turn the Jonas Brothers off? That’s a sin.” *through gritted teeth* “Put them back on, I’m angry without it.”


“Would you say a head pat is a sign of friend zoning?”


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