To my fellow Stags-

As the semester ends, it amazes me how fast it has gone. Then again time does fly when you are having fun. I would have to say that overall we have had a great semester here at Fairfield.

FUSA events wrap up this week for the fall semester. We have our Free Extreme Bowling on Thursday and on Saturday we have the NYC Shopping Trip.

FUSA is proud to announce that as of last week all of our tickets have been sold out for O.A.R. This event will be a great way to start off the New Year.

Before the concert is the Bring in the New Year Bash which is a huge dance that kicks off the New Year and new semester right. This event is Sat., Jan. 20, 2007 so make sure you come back ready to have a great time that first weekend back to campus.

Come on out and join FUSA this Thurs., Dec. 7th to the State of the University address. It will be held in the lower lobby of the BCC. This tradition is an opportunity to have all of you come out and hear how this past semester has gone and to hear where FUSA is going in this next semester.

I am very proud to see so many of my fellow Stags getting excited about sports. That was such a huge win this past weekend at the men’s basketball game; the student energy was amazing.

Overall, I speak with my fellow Stags and things seem fine. However, if something is in need of improvement, I want you to contact me. People sometimes shy away because they think that I am too busy, or that I probably hear complaints too often. I am elected to represent you; I would be ignoring my duties if I did otherwise. Everyday I wake up with a huge sense of pride that I get to represent all of you and I know together we can continue to make our great university an even better one.

Finals time is coming up far too soon then any of us would like, I wish all of you the best. Dig deep and study hard and I know all you will do just great. Stay Stag Positive and you will get threw the gauntlet that is finals just fine.

Remember, my fellow Stags, that the first thing you should say to your friends when you see them over winter break is sorry. Tell them you feel sorry for them because you know that their past semester was not as good as yours because you spent it at Fairfield and they did not.

Proud to be a Stag,

Hutchinson T. Williams

Hutch Williams is the president of the Fairfield University Student Association.

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