Students who frequent clubs in Bridgeport might want to think twice the next time they decide to head out there for the night.

Police are now investigating a drive-by shooting that occurred shortly after 2 a.m. on the morning of Saturday Feb. 25 near Club Lo on the corner of Bostwick Avenue and Pine Street. Of the two men that were wounded, one died late Tuesday night, according to the Connecticut Post.

Bridgeport police said the victim is a 23-year-old Bridgeport resident. The other victim, who was shot in the buttocks, was also treated at Bridgeport Hospital and later released, reported by the Connecticut Post on Monday.

Police on patrol heard multiple gunshots shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday and found the two suspects sitting in their car in front of the nightclub.  On Sunday investigators said that a vehicle with passengers was waiting for one of the victims, and when the victim approached the car the suspects opened fire.

Sources say the shooting could be gang related but no police officials could be reached for comment.

This raises the question; will students still feel comfortable going to clubs and other events in Bridgeport post shooting?

“I definitely don’t want to go to Bridgeport clubs anymore,” said Nicole Kizielewicz ’14, “I heard about it being sketchy sometimes but I didn’t think there was any harm in going and thought it would be fun, but now after the shooting it is way more dangerous than I thought.”

This shooting comes at an interesting time. It was released on Tuesday afternoon that musical events Avicii and Barstool Blackout will both be coming to Bridgeport’s Webster Bank Arena this April.

Others disagree with Kizielewicz. “I would still feel safe at Webster Bank Arena because it’s not a shady setting. We go there for basketball games all of the time,” said Kristin Dangler ’14.

Nevin Zais ’14 says he would definitely still feel safe as well.

But what many students might not realize is the close proximity of the site of the shooting to Webster Bank Arena. The corner of Bostwick Avenue and Pine Street is a mere five minutes from the Arena.

John Ritchie, assistant director of the Department of Public Safety, said that after sending out an alert about the shooting he can only hope that students will be more aware of their surroundings.

“This brings awareness to the forefront, but I don’t think students are scared,” he said.

Ritchie also advises students to always travel in groups, avoid areas with high crime rates and stay in well-lit areas.

“Going to the club itself isn’t nerveracking,” said Kelsey Mullane ’15, “The worst part is getting to the club from your car or a cab. People know that there is a lot of crime in Bridgeport but most students are in denial that anything bad will happen while they’re there.”

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