Wednesday, Nov. 1

2:00 a.m. A student reported a burglar trying to break into her townhouse. Public Safety investigated, but no suspects were found.

5:18 a.m. A student fell off the top bunk of her bed. She was conscious but was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital for further evaluation.

2:09 p.m. A student from the townhouses reported that her car windshield wiper was broken off and missing.

Friday, Nov. 3

8:10 p.m. Two students at the townhouses called to report stolen merchandise from their house. The iPod, speakers and cell phone may have been stolen by the students’ guests.

Saturday, Nov. 4

1:47 a.m. A student reported being slapped at the townhouses. When investigated both parties admitted to the altercation being mutual.

3:34 a.m. A junior was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital after dislocating her knee at the townhouses.

7:39 p.m. A townhouse resident called to report trespassers in the townhouses during the night. A bottle of Captain Morgan rum was allegedly stolen.

Sunday, Nov. 5

2:29 a.m. A freshman was found jumping on a car up at the townhouses. When Public Safety approached him, he ran away but was eventually was caught. The next morning five vehicles were found with damage from the previous night.

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