State prosecutors announced in Bridgeport Superior Court on Friday, Oct. 4, that all charges have been dropped against John “Jack” Mara ‘13, regarding his alleged involvement in an assault, which occurred in the Fairfield Beach neighborhood this January.

Mara was allegedly involved in an assault at a New Year’s Eve party at a home on Fairfield Beach Road, where a bottle was smashed over the head of fellow Fairfield student, Philip Blackman ‘13. Blackman could have died from his injuries had he not been treated immediately.

Police said that in an arrest affidavit, a witness, college student Luke Kazmierczak, identified Mara as the assailant, yet failed to initially pick out Mara from a photo lineup of six men.  Kazmierczak later identified Mara from an updated photo, according to the Associated Press.

Mara was arrested by Fairfield Police in February, and was charged with first-degree assault and breach of peace, and posted a $150,000 bail.

John Smirga, State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Fairfield, said that the charges against Mara were dropped as a result of other witnesses coming forward and indicating a third person who talked about committing the assault.  According to the AP, the case is under investigation but no one else has been charged.

Blackman says he has no recollection of the assault.  Doctors told Blackman that his injuries were so severe that if he did not receive emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain, he could have died, according to AP.

John Mara is a nephew of John Mara, owner of the New York Giants, and a cousin to actresses Rooney and Kate Mara.  He lives in Mount Kisco, N.Y., and has since graduated from Fairfield.

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