One of the newest clubs at Fairfield, the Random Acts of Kindness Club seeks to spread kindness across the campus in new, innovative ways.

The club, recently formed this semester, is the work of Nicole Gallucci ‘15, Austin Begin ‘15 and Mariana Mangini ‘18.

“Austin and I had been doing random acts of kindness since our sophomore year here,” said Gallucci. “It’s something we’re really passionate about and it got to a point where we wanted to try and see if we could make a larger impact on the campus. Mariana, our Vice President, also showed an interest in the idea, and so the three of us started working to make the club happen.”

Mangini said, “Random Acts of Kindness was created to brighten people’s day, no matter how big or small the acts are. Our members strive to be catalysts for kindness, spreading opportunities for kindness all over campus.”

Mangini also spoke on the importance of the club, saying “I feel it’s extremely important to remind people that life can be full of pleasant surprises, especially in a stressful setting like college.”

For Gallucci, a club like Random Acts of Kindness is more prevalent on a college campus because students tend to “get overwhelmed with going through the motions.”

“It’s so easy to get wrapped up in technology or forget to focus on the positives because we have so much going on in our lives,” Gallucci said. “We hope this club gives people a release from that stress.”

Freshman Emily Gaudet, the secretary of the club, spoke of the various activities students participate in through the Random Acts of Kindness Club.

“For Valentine’s Day, we sent out free valentines for people at the school which everyone seemed to enjoy.” said Gaudet.

Mangini elaborated on the activities of the club, saying “We collaborated with HerCampus during Eating Disorder Awareness Week to create a video of people complimenting others.”

According to Mangini, the club has many plans for future events on campus.

“We’re planning out an appreciation day for all of Sodexo’s staff, and we might hold a table for free pep talks when finals roll around.”

Gaudet, who joined the club in order to “spread kindness to others,” finds the club to be very successful at what it aims to accomplish.

Gallucci added, “We’re still such a new club and we already have so many passionate and dedicated members who make the club what it is. It’s truly a great feeling to have met such amazing people that share a desire to spread kindness throughout the campus, and I’m so excited to see where the club goes in the future!”

Gaudet feels “really satisfied with the club,” saying “it’s been very rewarding so far.”

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